Financial Education

Improves Lives

Your mission is our mission. 

KidVestors prepares students for the real world by making sure they are equipped with the right knowledge to make the best financial decisions, whether big or small. 

Expand your community impact by ensuring your students have access to quality, financial education. 


Your students will stay attentive to our modules through gamified learning and animated, interactive videos that spark critical thinking!

Easy to Digest

You don't have to worry about any difficult jargon! Our material is simple, concise, and easy to understand!

Classroom Friendly

Our curriculum and thoughtfully designed lesson plans are available in an organized fashion to integrate into your existing curriculum and to facilitate as a group in a classroom setting.

Age Appropriate

Our curriculum is available in various formats for K-12th according to their physical, mental & emotional abilities. 





Are you a teacher, school, or other organization looking to enroll your group? 

If so, just follow these simple steps!

  1. Groups must have a minimum of 20 students. 

  2. After viewing the Terms & Conditions, complete the Group Enrollment Form. Please confirm that your details are correct prior to submitting.

  3. Following submission, you will be immediately redirected to view pricing for your program based on our recommended grade level .

  4. You will will receive an email with the subject line "KidVestor Group Enrollment" which includes the link to your payment information.  

  5. Once payment is received, you will receive an email with further instructions and your access code to begin enrolling your students. 

  6. Please note that there is an additional $35.00 flat rate shipping fee per order that includes books. A signature will also be required in order for USPS to deliver your order.